Should You Buy a Model Home?

Model homes are made to appeal to the part of you that appreciates the finer things, but there are some model home problems you should consider before you buy.

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Model homes are dangerous, he says, because they seduce potential buyers. "The rooms are beautifully decorated and look perfect," he says. The psychology is obvious, warns this cynical real estate veteran. "They’re meticulously laid out and furnished to punch all the right buttons in potential new-home buyers."

If you tour model homes to check out the furnishings and their arrangements, not only will you pick up some fine decorating tips for your own home, but you can also find ways to purchase the actual furniture they are using. model home furniture makes a home show so much better, and owning this furniture will make your home look just as good.

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You can expect a custom home to take five to six months, but that varies by market and builder. If you’re interested in new construction, read about the types of new homes, the steps to building a custom home, and tips for buying a brand new home.

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Q. I visited a new home community recently that had a beautiful model for sale. The builder wants to lease it back for at least a year at an attractive rate, and will help with closing costs, too.

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