Pimco Sees Opportunity for U.S. Real Yield to Erode Towards Zero Bound

Read more at PIMCO.com. Fund Overview Access to the full universe of global high yield bonds. By expanding beyond the boundaries of the U.S. and accessing the full range of credit qualities within the global universe of non-investment-grade bonds, the pimco high yield Spectrum Fund seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors.

What Are High Yield Bonds? High yield bonds are corporate securities with credit ratings below investment grade. To attract investors, non-investment grade companies usually pay higher interest rates than issuers deemed to be more creditworthy, so their bonds are called "high yield." High.

Learn the basics of bonds, including the concept of yield.

See PIMCO Real Return Fund (PRTNX) mutual fund ratings from all the top fund analysts in one place. See PIMCO Real return fund performance, holdings, fees, risk and other data from Morningstar, S.

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Pimco Sees Opportunity for U.S. Real Yield to Erode Towards Zero Bound – Duration:. muni yield curve flattens to 2007 Low – duration: 3:13. bloomberg Markets and Finance 1,043 views.. Muni Yield Curve Flattens to 2007 Low.

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For 2012, in the face of a delevering zero-bound interest rate world, investors must lower return expectations. 2-5% for stocks, bonds and commodities are expected long term returns for global financial markets that have been pushed to the zero bound, a world where substantial real price appreciation is getting close to mathematically improbable.

Pimco Sees Opportunity for U.S. Real Yield to Erode Towards Zero Bound. Bloomberg UK. 29 May 2019. May.29 — Mihir Worah, asset allocation and real return chief investment officer at Pimco, and Erin Browne, multi-asset strategies portfolio manager at Pimco, discuss the potential for U.S. real.