KBC Ireland has returned almost third of €1.4bn bailout

KBC Ireland has returned a third of its bailout package – KBC Ireland, the Irish arm of the Belgian bank, has paid back almost a third of the bailout it received from its parent through dividends. A further dividend is expected in 2019. (Irish Times)

Reserve Bank cuts interest rates to historic low of 1.25 per cent The Reserve Bank of Australia has followed forecasts and cut interest rates for the first time in almost three years. The cash interest rate has been moved from 1.5 per cent to 1.25 per cent.

A quick look around the market reveals that major lenders, such as AIB, Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland, EBS and KBC, all have similar cash back deals, mostly ranging from 2-3% or 1500-2000. The catch on these loans however, is that interest rates on them are often higher than the average on traditional loans.

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UniCredit’s Sandokan set to be expanded – UniCredit has announced that its Sandokan securitisation programme is to be expanded with Sandokan 2 with Pimco, GWM and Aurora Recovery Capital. Sandokan 2 will comprise up to EUR 2bn of secured loans with the first tranche expected to be transferred to the securitisation vehicle in mid-June 2019.

Almost 100,000 cars in Ireland don’t get driven at all. IMF approves 1.4bn loan – but has doubts about Ireland’s return to markets. Budget 2012 has seen cuts to child benefit for third.

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The report reveals that the number of billionaires has almost doubled since the.. joint ventures of approximately 2.5 billion subject to the cash position of Alstom. this led to the return of hundreds of refugees and asylum-seekers and less.. significant increase in third country exports into Europe, high manufacturing.

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 · Some have raised the issue of the UK’s loans to Ireland, made at the point of transition from Labour to Coalition in 2010. The Coalition decided to lend money bilaterally to Ireland so it was not part of an EU scheme, and offered no precedent for the UK in future having to join Euro area bail outs.

Ireland’s banking sector: back in business. KBC Bank, Bank of Ireland, ebs building society, Permanent TSB and the RBS-owned Ulster Bank.. For Ireland to return to full economic normality.

 · In the event that the State cannot fund itself on the open markets, this statement would seem to imply the minister readily expects more cash than previously agreed with the EU, IMF, UK, and Sweden. But apparently that’s not a new bailout. Presumably this statement was intended to reduce uncertainty about Ireland’s post-2013 funding position.