From Business Owner to Home Owner

As a small business owner, tax season can be a stressful time. With all of those forms to mail to employees, expenses to track, and checks to write to the IRS, no-one could blame you for dreading the month of April. But beneath the bureaucratic onslaught, there is one shining beacon of hope.

With this type of teamwork, and potentially a little patience, home ownership is right around the corner. At Blue Water Mortgage, we have helped countless small business owners figure out how to get approved for a mortgage that makes the most sense for them and their business.

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Small business owner titles can vary from the standard (CEO, owner) to the specific (head plumber, director of technical operations). Every entrepreneur needs to make his or her own decision about the right title to use. But there are some things to consider to help you determine the title that works best for your particular company and your role there.

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If the Product Owner doesn’t have a Business Owner to determine which things are important, and there are multiple Stakeholders holding the Product Owner to account for different things, then the Product Owner must ‘make the call’ and determine what is a Chore, and what is a Capability.

Owner, President, Founder, CEO? What the heck do you call yourself as the business owner? What is your title? Well here are some ideas as to what you may want your title to be, according to the type of business you have and what your goals are.

Entrepreneurs don’t always have to go it alone. Independent business owners can realize significant benefits from joining an existing franchise brand. Joining a franchise brand can pay off in many.

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Many small business owners are generally familiar with some of the small. Section 179 deductions can be used for tangible personal property.

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