Five reasons why Banks decline loan applications from customers –

Poor track record when it comes to paying credit card dues, compulsive job hopping and a residential address on the defaulters’ list are enough reasons for a bank to turn down your loan application.

The small business american dream gap report that was mentioned above, found that one of primary reasons why a small business loan is turned down because the owner weren’t aware of their credit.

This growth was achieved despite the continued decline in our legacy short-term loan. of why am I coming to Mogo, because of all these things. Every time we add another product in there, obviously.

It’s nerve-racking to find out if you were approved for a mortgage loan. Here are 7 reasons your mortgage application could be denied. It’s nerve-racking to find out if you were approved for a mortgage loan. Here are 7 reasons your mortgage application could be denied.. or bank. These loans.

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Eight reasons lenders decline small business loans Getting approved for a loan can be challenging for business owners, especially when you need funding to help your small business grow. Understanding the typical reasons why lenders decline a business loan application can help you avoid getting turned down.

Five easy ways to wreck a perfect credit history A small glitch on your credit profile could prevent you from opening a bank account, getting a mortgage or even a mobile phone.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for small business owners to secure funding through a bank. Here are 10 reasons why banks are declining loan requests from small business owners.

Why are banks really rejecting wealthy borrowers? This well-off couple, with their 189,000 mortgage on a 840,000 home, are just the latest to be turned down by a lender when they ask to "port.

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My husband has been a loyal customers for a while and he recommended I approach African Bank for a loan but I utterly regret it. I have an excellent credit record. The system could see that which is why I qualified for a good loan which I can afford and yet I have been turned away twice by African Bank with no valid reasons.