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Whether you’re working with an agent or selling your home on your own, how you market the listing is crucial. After all, the more people that see your listing, the more people will take a tour, and the sooner you’re likely to get that perfect offer. Read on for tips on ways to successfully market your home for sale.

Do you really need a real estate agent’s help to sell your home? Maybe not, according to a 2007 paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).The NBER compared sales of single-family homes in Madison, Wisconsin on a local for-sale-by-owner website with agent-assisted mls listings and found no statistical difference in selling price.

Everything you need to know from preparing to sell to getting it on the market and getting the best deal. Seller Advice. Visit rightmove.co.uk. Stories and advice. menu. moving Stories Property Blog Celebrity Homes; Dream Properties. If your property has known issues; Selling a tenanted (buy.

A step-by-step guide on how to sell your house.. But don’t overprice your property. Generally, the longer your house stays on the market, the less you’ll get..

The best time to sell a home As a homeowner you have decided that this is the right time to look at selling your property. Start by considering all the factors which can contribute to the likelihood of a successful house sale, such as: the right selling price, property market trends and timing.

4 Reasons to Buy A Home This Summer House price growth up 5% Thousands still wait for scandal cash In the infamous "kids for cash" scandal, two Pennsylvania judges took money in exchange for sending thousands of kids to privately-run. Ciavarella had sent Matthew to PA Child Care to await a psychological evaluation.. but seven years after his confinement he still jousted with depression regularly.House prices are expected to rise by 5% this year, according to the latest report from property website MyHome.ie. The report, which is published in association with Davy, predicts that robust.

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There are ways, however, of taking the pain out of buying your own place – and avoiding making mistakes. SEE ALSO: ‘It’s not that hard:’ The beginner’s guide to buying. only certifies that the.