Why Do You Need a Car loan?

I’d personally just not accept a loan that’s for more than the cost of the car! Banks will want you to do that all day long so they make more $$ off you regardless if you can afford it or not. So just don’t tempt yourself – only take out what you need! (And try local credit unions too – they typically offer lower % rates) Reply

A college friend used me as a reference for a car loan with out my consent. Now they are calling me to give her messages, because her phone is disconnected and I guess she is not paying her monthy car bill. My question is can they start billing me eventhough they do not have my personal information other than my contact phone and address?

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Apply for the Loan. If they don’t run your credit or ask about your income, it’s a bad sign. For preapproval to mean anything, lenders need to actually evaluate your creditworthiness. It doesn’t do you any good to get a flimsy "preapproval" and later find out that you can’t borrow as much as promised.

Do auto loans require a down payment? All auto loans do not require a down payment, but this allowance has not always been the standard. In the past, car dealerships and lending companies usually required at least a down payment in the 20 percent range for a new car.

Unfortunately, you can’t do. loans and anything else that requires a monthly payment. Next, round up your variable.

Requirements Needed to Get a Car Loan Approved. In most cases, they will want you to be a full-time W2 employee with a minimum net monthly income requirement of $1,250. Self-employed borrowers will need to provide at least 90 days of current bank deposit records and up to 5 year’s of tax returns.

How to Refinance Your Car Loan You’ll need to collect your loan and vehicle information, check your credit history, compare loan offers and evaluate whether refinancing makes sense for you. Philip.

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