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In 1989, MicroStrategy was founded on the principle that the future belongs to organizations that effectively harness the power of their data. This vision has driven us from day one to deliver world-class software and services that redefine what’s possible and help transform our customers on their journey to becoming the Intelligent.

Creating a data-driven marketing strategy is neither quick nor easy, and involves making changes across your organisation to be truly effective. However removing silos to better integrate departments so they can utilise data will deliver a marked improvement in results, and thus more than justify the effort involved.

The right data collection and digital marketing data analysis techniques can provide invaluable insights about your business; it can show you where your dollars are best spent, what your customers are responding to, and how and when your marketing efforts turn into sales. The right digital marketing data analysis strategy can give your business.

Unleash the Power of Data into Your Digital Strategy May 30, 2019 Leave a comment With the explosion of connected devices and digital interfaces, the amount of unstructured data available to every brand is increasing exponentially.

Link directly to the raw (aggregate) data in this 2005 survey of the ways companies are using email marketing, the cost savings they are experiencing, and the ways they combat list fatigue, declining open rates and other common email marketing challenges.With access to the raw data, you can view the results, and even filter them to see how a subset of companies in your country or industry.

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Tell us how data, technology, and the people behind them have helped you innovate your marketing for a chance to capture the spotlight, and gain bragging rights, as a winner of the 2015 Marketing.

In the digital marketing community, the digital marketing space is a prime ground to be data-driven as a culture. But we first must embrace business intelligence. So again just as a recap, the problems are, most of us aren’t data-driven. We’re tracking the wrong metrics, and we’re way too ambiguous when we’re talking about our goals.

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The Power of digital identity. learn more about how to leverage unique data and propriety technology to fuel your prospecting efforts and acquire new audiences. With a holistic full-funnel.