Trump’s first budget plan would hit Washington state hard, top Democrats say

Democrats on Capitol Hill slammed president donald trump‘s budget proposal and infrastructure plan, arguing Monday it doesn’t address the needs of the American people.

 · Washington – After being singled out by President Donald Trump with racist tweets, four Democratic congresswomen, including Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, chose to stand together before the cameras.

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Gimme a break: The Senate unveiled its state-budget plan on Tuesday. though that could change following the first debates,’s Seth Richardson reports. With so many Democrats in the.

It’s the president Trump’s first budget plan. See in which sector he is going to spend more and where he will cut off the budget.

Imagine if China hits or Russian artillery could hit Washington, the country would be more hysterical than it is.. And he’s right to say the first job of a mayor is to work with the new.

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Trump’s first budget plan would hit Washington state hard, top Democrats say By: Rob Hotakainen Source: The Bellingham Herald President Donald Trump’s first budget – a $1.15 trillion plan that aims to "make America great again" – would hit Washington state hard, causing deep cuts in most domestic programs, the state’s top political leaders said Thursday.

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Could Trump have saved the GOP push to derail Obamacare?. Blame doesn’t lie solely with President Donald Trump, but he deserves a share.. Hard to say. Trump was largely absent from the.