Time to let in some fresh air on standards for low-energy homes

Time to let in some fresh air on standards for low-energy homes jeff colley ventilation and its importance to the health of owners of new housing is being overlooked at our peril

Are you all steamed up because your air conditioner is on the fritz? Knowing some basics about how your air conditioner works will help you keep your cool. Test yourself to see how much you know about the indispensable air conditioner.

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This is rumour control. Here are the facts. The “recirculate” function does exactly that.. It makes the majority of the air coming out of the vents or ducts circulate through the through the heater core or air con evaporator with air from inside t.

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Keep them hoppy with some fresh air in this rabbit hutch, perfect for ensuring chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, and other small animals have access to the great outdoors. Crafted from wood, this two-story piece features a removable roof, a removable ramp, and a removable slide-out plastic tray.

1. Comfort – Air tight homes just stay’. The temperature never moves up and down quickly. Rooms have almost the same temperature, so you won’t notice a big difference upstairs vs. downstairs or from one side of the home to the other. 2. Energy Bills – Air leakage is between 30-70% of the cost of heating and cooling your home.

This is especially true if you live in an area of the country that has high outdoor pollution. For example, if every time you open your windows to let in some fresh air you are met with the smell of city smog and see all your soft furnishing covered in dirt, an air conditioning unit could be a great investment.

In more expensive homes, some builders now include 15 and 16 SEER equipment as a standard feature. Some builders are taking energy efficiency to the next level with net-zero energy homes, which produce as much power as they use due to a combination of technologies such as solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal collectors and geothermal.

Another way to look at it: If we have to be stuck inside all day without a minute to go out and get some fresh air, why not make our time in the sterile office. the company can keep the windows.

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