This house may not have building regulations consent – does it matter?

Whether or not you need planning permission for a garden office depends on how you intend to use your building. Planning permission for garden offices. An office used as an home study combined with other leisure uses may not need Planning Permission if it meets other permitted development criteria.

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You altered your house and knew your alteration did not require planning permission however did you think about building regulation consent? What can I do I hear you say? Well first of all don’t panic.

Even if the Interactive House says you do not need permission, it is sensible to. You must always check whether Building Regulations Consent is needed.

A guIde to BuIldIng work thAt doeS not requIre A BuIldIng conSent 5 repAIrS, mAIntenAnce And replAcement guIdAnce exemption (a) of Schedule 1 A building consent is not required for the following building work: (a) any lawful repair and maintenance using comparable materials, or replacement with a comparable component

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What if I have not followed the rules? Not following the rules of compliance for building regulations is a criminal offence, and this breach is known as a contravention. If a contravention occurs we can enforce action against the owner requiring that the work be corrected or removed.

"But it does add a little more work." Some countries have laws specific to agrarian property — which can cause problems even.

If the works have been in place for some time but there is no completion certificate this does not mean the work is not up to standard, but it does mean the correct procedure was not followed. However, the building regulation officer would be unable to grant a certificate in retrospect because they have to inspect from the very beginning.

Last May, in-house eyes. explicit consent to collect data or legitimate interest, but it does require some form of consent. “Every year we’ve been expecting it to come in and it hasn’t. But I think.

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Details of your responsibilities in regard to building regulations. If you do not follow the building control procedures set out for handling your building work or you carry out building work which does not comply with the requirements contained in the building regulations, you will have contravened the regulations.

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