The quieter voice in the abortion debate

Anti-abortion group protest on UWSP campus creates controversy. – Anti-abortion group protest on UWSP campus creates controversy. campus Tuesday after an anti-abortion group made sure to have their voices heard.. would call a sensitive subject, but many students did not stay quiet. One student even debating back saying “Stop comparing abortion to slavery it's not.

A Forgotten Voice in the Alabama Abortion Debate – Dr. Rich Swier – The goal of the new, strict Alabama abortion law is to potentially overturn Roe v. Wade. The law would penalize abortion doctors, and it contains no exception clauses, except for the life and health of the mother. In all of the brouhaha about the new Alabama law, there is a long-stilled voice that has been forgotten.

Staunchly Pro-Choice Democratic Candidates Strangely Quiet on. – Tonight’s debate may be more revealing on the abortion front, as sen. kirsten gillibrand (ny) will take the stage with the other 9 candidates who made the cut. Gillibrand has become the frontrunner in the party on the issue of unrestricted, unlimited abortion access.

Democrats get feisty in final stages of first debate of 2020 campaign – It took a little bit to warm up, but candidates began heating up the first Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential..

Abortion: A quiet voice in the debate | Charlotte Observer – On abortion, can we balance a woman’s right to choose with encouraging men to be active in pregnancy and child-rearing? Abortion: A quiet voice in the debate | Charlotte Observer SECTIONS

Abortion – Pro Life – Our Media is the Streets – Priests for Life – Defenders of abortion are less willing to even engage in debates with pro-lifers.. Things are at peace, the streets are quiet, and from the looks of things, At a prayer vigil, pro-lifers gather to lift up their hearts and voices to God, asking Him to.

Siri and Abortion: Why the Debate? – – The ACLU and NARAL weighed in on the inability of Apple’s Siri to find abortion clinics. Siri is the ‘virtual assistant’ in the iPhone 4s. abc news asked what’s behind the rehetoric. NARAL said it.

VA owes disabled veterans refunds on home loan fees, report says You should see a larger retired or VA disability increase than last year thanks to the all the hurricanes. But what do hurricanes have to do with COLA? Read the military advantage blog to learn how.

Common Arguments for and Against Abortion – ThoughtCo – In the case of rape or incest, forcing a woman made pregnant by this violent act would cause further psychological harm to the victim. Often a woman is too afraid to speak up or is unaware she is pregnant, thus the morning after pill is ineffective in these situations. Abortion is not used as a form of contraception.

Opinion: Here’s why Help to Buy is a disaster for all young people What is the importance of money in one's life? Can money. – It is often said that money is not the most important thing in the world. For many people, however, it is right up there next to air in importance. These are not necessarily overly-materialistic people. Rather, they simply understand the true valu.

Arianne Brown: The abortion story that made my family possible. – Nearly 19 years ago, I met a man with a quiet strength I couldn't ignore.. It was the silent voice of the now, father of nine children that.