The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan

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This post was originally published on this site Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan by rashid khalidi senior white house adviser Jared Kushner attending the ceremonial opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, flanked on his left by his wife, Ivanka Trump, and on his right by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin [.]

Palestinian-American historian and Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi, in an article entitled "The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan," 8 curiously attempted to dramatize the.

"The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan" by Rashid Khalidi," New York Review of Books, June 12/19 ""You cannot do without us,’ lord curzon condescendingly told the Indians over whom he ruled as British imperial viceroy more than a century ago. Palestine: News comments and analysis on Palestine. The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan. Rashid Khalidi | NYREV , Information Clearing House. Pompeo admits Kushner.

Kushner: We will discuss political components of Plan, at right time. 6+ hour, 2+ min ago. Kushner: We will discuss political components of Plan, at right time Jared Kushner, Special advisor and son-in-law of US president donald trump, referred to the ‘Deal of the Century’ in a press brief.

On Monday we learned that this will be a big week for Son-in-Law-in-Chief Jared Kushner, and not just because he will. But it’s not nearly as toxic as the arrogance of a group that thought they.

However, whether President Trump and his team keep telling this lie or not, the chances for the novice Kushner negotiating a genuine Israel-Palestine peace deal are slim to none. A powerful and.

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The Kushner Plan’s neocolonial arrogance.. However, Jared Kushner, presidential son-in-law and senior adviser responsible for crafting a Middle East peace plan, does have something in common with Lord Curzon and his colonial ilk.

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The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan Opinion | Canceling Morehouse students’ debts is about freedom, not just money Britt McHenry: Robert Smith is hero, not villain, in Morehouse story. – We’ve seen government bailouts for the banking and housing markets, and. OPINION. all student loan debt belonging to Morehouse College’s.

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