Tampon, diaper taxes will endure in California

(AP) – California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife. which outlines how he wants to spend more than $200 billion in tax dollars and other revenue. Cutting the diaper and tampon tax would eliminate up.

Cutting the diaper and tampon tax would eliminate up to $55 million, according to legislative estimates.

California Governor Vetoes Bill to Eliminate Tampon Tax. Today, california governor jerry brown vetoed two bills that would have eliminated taxes on both tampons and diapers. The bills had broad support in the state legislature-they passed with unanimous votes-and many argued that the elimination of sales tax would foster equality.

But when you factor in the cost of living here in California, it is close to impossible." Cutting the diaper and tampon tax would eliminate about $55 million in revenue from the budget, according to.

Tampon, diaper taxes will endure in California – SACB Sep 13, 2016 $2 cigarette tax hike: Doctors and hospitals fight tobacco industry – SACB Sep 13, 2016 california pot farmers weigh a regulated world – SACB Sep 13, 2016 Fifty years after riots, Watts builds a bridge for minorities, police -.

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed two bills Tuesday that would have lifted taxes on diapers, tampons and other feminine hygiene products. So, women and families in California will continue to pay the taxes.

 · Gender injustice’ behind call to reduce taxes on tampons. They estimate the tax increase will add about 1.5 cents per gallon to the typical hard-liquor serving and say that it’s a modest increase, but the tax rate would be boosted by more than 36 percent -.

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 · California lawmakers revive proposal to Eliminate Sales Tax on Diapers Procter & Gamble-brand Pampers diapers sit in a shopping cart in a.

But said she much more needs to be done to tackle California’s high cost of living. "It’s time for real reforms that will actually bring down the cost of living in the Golden State," she said in a.

“The governor and I are proud parents of four young children and these issues do hit close to home,” Siebel Newsom said, while Newsom and a half-dozen female lawmakers stood behind her, flanked by.

 · California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to end the sales tax on tampons and diapers and use revenue from legal marijuana sales toward enhancing child care programs.

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