Swiss ditch Libor as rate reference

In a change, the SNB said it was introducing its own policy rate in place of using the three-month Libor rate as a reference point in making its decisions. The -0.75 per cent policy rate is unchanged and corresponds to the rate on commercial bank sight deposits at the SNB.

Libor is a global benchmark interest rate that underpins the terms of $500 trillion of contracts from mortgages to the cost of corporate lending, but has been discredited after a number of banks were accused in 2012 by UK and US regulators of manipulating the rate.

LIBOR is an interest rate benchmark used as a reference rate. This reference rate reflects the general cost of large banks’ borrowing that is not backed by collateral. U.S. dollar LIBOR plays a central role in the U.S. financial markets and economy. It is used to set interest rates on financial products such as mortgages and private student loans.

The National Working Group on Swiss Franc Reference Rates (NWG) is the key forum for considering proposals to reform reference interest rates in Switzerland and discussing the latest international developments. The NWG is co-chaired by a representative of the private sector and a representative of the SNB.

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As of a year ago, about 6 trillion Swiss francs ($6 trillion) of contracts used the london interbank offered rate (libor) as a benchmark, making it by far the most important interest rate for the Swiss economy.

Criminal investigations spearheaded by US, UK, Japanese, Canadian, Swiss. rates owed on billions of municipal debt. Messing with LIBOR messes with the payments due on these instruments. Second,

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Laurent, could you tell us why interbank interest rates such as the Libor, Euribor and Eonia are going to disappear? There are two reasons: firstly because, during the financial crisis in 2008, short-term rates, EURIBOR, LIBOR, EONIA, which, let’s remember, are calculated using estimates from a panel of European and London-based banks, were the subject of manipulations.

The Swiss National Bank is introducing its own policy rate in place of using the three-month Libor rate as a reference point in making its.

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Special rate (liquidity-shortage financing facility) 0.50%. Yield on swiss confederation bonds -0.540%, 18.07.2019.. NWG on Swiss Franc Reference Rates.