MPs rental pay row moves to court

The landlord has asked my parents to move out of our apartment so that her family member can live here. There are six other tenants in our building she could have asked. Can she single us out like this? We’ve been here for 20 years! I’m also wondering if it’s legal for her to evict us just so that a family member can move in.

If the court finds that the landlord has a right to possess the rental property (e.g., the landlord is the owner, duly authorized property manager, or trustee/personal representative of a decedent’s estate), the lease term or tenancy is fully expired, proper notice to quit was given, and the tenant or person in possession refused to vacate.

May I stop making rent payments if my landlord fails to make needed repairs at my rental unit? No. But you may be permitted to pay your rent to the clerk of the municipal court, instead of to your landlord.. The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland @LegalAidCLE.

I live and work in a motel/hotel they have studios and one bedrooms they charge nightly, and weekly i have a one bedroom and i pay rent every two weeks cause thats when i get paid my room is infested with bed bugs along with alot of other rooms here and how i know is cause iam the cleaning maid. i put bugs in a jar took them to the office and.

5 Reasons Why Online Rent Payment is More Convenient for Landlords and Tenants June 22, 2017 By Andrea Collatz SmartMove Resources, News Articles, Renter credit risk improves In a 2014 SmartMove user survey, landlords ranked payment problems as their top concern, even above criminal and eviction history.

This developer wants homebuyers who already live in Davis. Racial discrimination, suit alleges That Which Divides Us. Thousands of the city’s black residents also live in areas like walnut hills’ census tract 37, which is 85-percent black with a median household income under $10,000.

How does paying rent to court registry work? I am appealing an eviction with an affidavit of inability to pay and its a non payment of rent case. I was told I have to pay into a registry one months rent and continue to pay as rent becomes due.

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West Ham will pay the sum per year over the 99-year lease, the 207-page document has revealed. The Hammers move in this. this is normal for a rental agreement, using the analogy that you would not.