How would federal tax overhaul hit California? Dan Walters expects a wealth exodus

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‘Inheritance tax’ another reason for wealthy to flee state. Eliminating the deduction, as some Republicans propose, would give the federal government a big injection of revenue, with about a fifth of the windfall coming from California because it has the nation’s highest state income tax rates. The offset is, in effect,

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California is a deep blue state and one manifestation of its left-leaning politics is a very high level of taxation, particularly levies on personal income. The state has the nation’s highest income tax rates, topping out at 13.3 percent of taxable income, and depends on those taxes for 70 percent of its general fund budget.

The new federal tax overhaul sharply reduces corporate income tax rates – aimed at stimulating job-creating investment, advocates say – and partially pays for it by reconfiguring personal.

How would federal tax overhaul hit California? Dan Walters expects a wealth exodus The Fresno Bee Wed, 20 dec 2017 00:14:00 GMT. How would federal tax overhaul hit California? Dan Walters expects a wealth exodus. Don’t expect this tax reform (or any other) to be fair or even logical.

A new federal tax plan is upon us. Columnist dan walters weighs what it means – including the possibility of more of California’s wealthy escaping to Nevada enclaves such as Incline Village on.

With less than seven weeks remaining before the November presidential election, John McCain is turning to a tried and true tactic: attacking Barack Obama as a serial tax raiser who favors a "massive.

This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers looked back some four decades to his experience as a member of President Lyndon Johnson’s administration. At the time, Johnson made a series of fateful decisions.

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In this week’s JOURNAL, Bill Moyers spoke with two prominent advocates of health reform with very different perspectives on the President’s health bill. Wendell Potter. in which the federal.

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