How to travel and retire comfortably

Figuring out how much savings you’ll need in order to retire comfortably is, truth be told, more an art than a science. The answer depends not only on what you hope to do during retirement – work part time? travel the world? – but on unpredictable factors that are largely out of your control, like your health and the performance of the stock market.

The key to living frugally, yet comfortably, in retirement is knowing the difference between frugal and cheap. Paying less for inferior quality is cheap. Paying less for similar or superior.

Whether you have one day or an entire week to dedicate to wine tasting, you probably won’t have to travel far to sample some.

Can You Retire Comfortably On $31,722 per year? Last week, I wrote an article about minimizing tax on Social Security income after retirement.Basically, if you receive $15,000 of Social Security benefit and withdraw $17,500 from your IRA, then you will pay very little income tax.

If you count yourself among those future jet-setting retirees, you’ll need to aim high with your retirement savings. Some retirement planners suggest that a comfortable retirement income for couples who plan to travel would be 100 percent of their pre-retirement income.

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Jean and Ed figured that they could live comfortably in their motor-home for $100 per day. This included fuel, upkeep, food, and other travel expenses. They expect to travel during coldest days of the year when snow is on the ground, or about 120 days per year. While they are traveling away from home, their base expenses will decline 15%.

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Learn how to live the dream and travel the world at a slow pace! write your own early retirement stories. How to become a nomad yourself! I am retired at 45. Read my road to retirement with successful retirement stories. How my ‘ retire early lifestyle ‘ looks like, how I enjoy my life and how you can do it, too!