How Are Millennials Coping With Financial Problems?

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Our Future Financial Security is Not Guaranteed: One positive from all of this worry is we are being proactive – finds in a recent survey on Millennial retirement readiness revealed that "70% of Millennials are already saving for retirement and started saving at the age of 22."

Millennials’ finances aren’t in hot shape, according to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey – but this financial instability isn’t their fault. Business Insider logo The words "Business Insider".

But getting enough sleep is only part of the problem, at least in the case of millennials.. How to holistically cope.. a financial reality. Millennials have often been taught that hard work.

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In an effort to cope. 2012). Millennials, and others in financial services, typically seek out Alpert when their anxieties reach intolerable levels and they’re plagued with psychosomatic symptoms,

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This is partly because the Great Recession was deeper and the aftermath lasted longer than anything since the Great.

According to the pew research center, Millennials surpassed all other generations in 2016 as the largest portion of the workforce.As of 2017, 56 million members of the workforce were born between 1981 and 1996, compared to Generation X, which accounted for about 53 million, and baby boomers, who accounted for about 41 million.

The funny thing is a lot of the things the younger generation is dealing with on the daily are things the older generation has issues with, too. Whether it’s finding a quality partner via online dating or getting stuck somewhere without Wi-Fi, these millennial problems apply to everyone.

The monetary benefits of dealing with financial problems-saving more, paying down expensive debt-will improve not just your bottom line but your overall mood as well. The less you worry about dealing with finances and money issues, the more you can enjoy life.

Millennials Face Financial Problems That Didn’t Exist for Previous Generations.. The good news is this generation is SMART and they are taking charge and dealing with the challenge. 1 in 6.

The most striking thing about the problems of millennials is how intertwined and self-reinforcing and everywhere they are. Over the eight months I spent reporting this story, I spent a few evenings at a youth homeless shelter and met unpaid interns and gig-economy bike messengers saving for their first month of rent.