Government of Canada Invests In Transitional Housing for Toronto LGBTIQ2S Youth

Government of canada announces transitional Housing Support for Toronto Drug Treatment Courts. In addition to the funding provided for transitional housing, the Government of Canada, under the National Anti-Drug Strategy, has committed approximately $3.5 million annually to support Drug Treatment Courts in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg,

About four in 10 residents living in Toronto Community Housing are under 25 years old. We work with partners to connect youth in our communities to economic and social opportunities in several areas, such as sports, the arts, and academics.

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About one in four residents living in Toronto Community Housing is 59 years of age or older. We work to provide safe, healthy environments for seniors in every community. Learn more by speaking with your local access and support staff.

Download PDF. download high resolution image. Types of Housing models/programs. housing support services play a crucial role in fulfilling homeless youths’ daily needs, however, they are not always equipped to deal with the wide-ranging needs of LGBTQ2S youth, which have become more complex and diverse since the first shelters were established in Toronto thirty years ago.

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"In February 2018, Dixon Hall embarked on our first research project, thanks to funding from the Government of Canada’s Innovative Solutions to Homelessness pro. An Insider’s Guide to Ontario Works Attached is a resource book on navigating the Ontario Works system written by clients.


We have known about the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, and two-Spirit (LGBTQ2) youth homelessness in Canada for over twenty years, but we have only recently started to have serious conversations about this problem nationally. This is an issue that has been neglected and left out of important dialogue on youth homelessness for far too long. Dr.

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Egale Centre will be Canada’s first and Toronto’s only facility that will combine the proven counselling service of Egale Youth Outreach with transitional and emergency housing that is exclusively dedicated to serving homeless LGBTIQ2S Youth, aged 16 to 29. Your donation will bring us one step closer to ending LGBTIQ2S youth homelessness.

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