Got a deposit? There’s a deal for you

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You figure you can get a great price because the seller is undoubtedly desperate for an offer. This is your lucky day! You whip out your checkbook, write an earnest money deposit, and sign the purchase contract.Your buyer’s agent then delivers the offer to the seller’s agent.

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i. Never Give a Deposit Until the Deal is Done. Unless you have agreed to everything and are buying the car there is no reason to give any money. It does not "show that your offer is serious," all it does is let them hold your money hostage. If you are ordering from the factory then a deposit is proper once the deal is signed.

LPT: If after financing a car and driving it off the lot, the dealer calls you and tells you the financing fell through and you have to sign a new contract/put more money down, it’s a scam solely designed to squeeze more money out of you. (self.LifeProTips) submitted 5 years ago by hosinthishouse

There is no financial protection from bank scams, unlike with credit card fraud, " You are responsible for any deposits made to your account," explains. You may get emails or calls from someone who claims to be from your.

There are certain situations when a dealer will ask for a deposit to make sure you’re serious about purchasing a vehicle. Sometimes dealers will try to get a deposit solely to keep you at the dealership or to wear you down until you agree to purchase. There are only 3 times you should ever have to give a deposit on a vehicle.

You’ll almost always have to pay acquisition fees, but it may be possible to get the dealer to waive a security deposit or disposition fee. The key takeaway is that you should ask to have fees.

It's a myth that you have three days to change your mind. press customers, saying the deal is good only for today or there are other interested.

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