Don’t let the grass grow

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– Don’t let the grass grow. This past week was filled with joy, tears, uncertainty. dearest evy did not let grass grow under her feet!. I haven’t been letting the grass grow under my feet. They simply don’t have time to touch the ground! There was a very special celebration early Friday.

Native Americans have an old saying: "Don’t let grass grow on the path of friendship." We ought to spend so much time with people we love that there is plenty of evidence of the relationship. The Native Americans are talking about the many ways to knowing good friends. I like that. When I was a boy.

(Not let the grass grow under someone’s feet) Meaning: Act now without any delay. If you say "Don’t let the grass grow under your feet" to someone, you tell him/her not to waste time and to do something immediately. If someone doesn’t let the grass grow under his/her feet, he/she does something right now without waiting.

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Don’t let any moss grow under your feet. This excellent malaphor is a mash up of "don’t let the grass grow under your feet" and "a rolling stone gathers no moss", both proverbs meaning to not stand idle and be productive. Good foot hygiene also comes to mind with this phrase. A big thank you to Marcia Riefer Johnston for unintentionally blurting.

Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet. After getting a total kick out of these grass flip flops I spotted in a gift shop in Sedona and seeing where someone who lives in the desert southwest might enjoy these, they reminded me of this saying Grandma used to say. "Don’t let the grass grow.

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