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Holy crow this is crunch time. Yesterday I made some headway, and that headway had to go to the electric bill, gas for the truck, 100lbs of feed, and phone company. The reality of needing to earn money through this blog and farm is that I am not able to just earn it for one expense.

When Sunday rolled around it was time to give everyone a second dose of wormer; fun, fun, fun. I decided to start with the rams and took them in the same order as last time. As the leader ram Killarney was selected to go first as he has a habit of trying to protect his buddies whenever the Commander grabs them.

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Homemade Mosquito Traps. Friday, March 30, 2012.. Alaska’s state bird is the monster mosquito that survived from the dinosaur era! I am so glad to get this recipe & will be decorating my porches with the colorful traps.. crunch time 1 day ago ~Taylor-Made Homestead~ 5 Frugal Things.

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These are not your normal skinny meat piglets. This guy and girl are solid little oinkers! Born January 6th, 2015, they are now six weeks old. This brother and sister will not be sold as a breeding pair, but a non-related boar or gilt can easily be arranged. Time is running short for the little guy to be sold as a breeder.

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