An Icon of the Left Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist

Democrats aren’t against capitalism. We simply believe that there should be a referee to ensure that Wall Street doesn’t steal grandma’s pension, polluters don’t poison our water, and assholes don’t rip off students with fake universities.

 · Former FBI director james comey pleaded with Democrats Sunday not to veer toward the “socialist left.” The tweet was a follow-up to an earlier message from the longtime Republican that urged Americans to vote for the Democratic Party in the.

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An Icon of the Left Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist Nice try, but there’s no way the Socialist Democrats will go the blue dog route for the simple reasons they weren’t Democrats blue dogs to begin with. They’ve been all but pushed out by the Socialists so I predict that the advice by Joseph Stiglitz Will go ignored.

There isn’t even enough gas left to burn the corpses left in the aftermath of the failed socialist experiment forcing loved ones to dump them in pits and mass graves. You can’t live under socialism. You can die under it. But you can’t be buried under socialism. Socialism killed Venezuela as it will kill any country given enough time.

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Not really that surprising, social democracy came from democratic socialism. That being said, stuff like Job Guarantees push it and in the worst way possible. Now, the democratic party is a coalition of social liberal, social democrats and a few conservatives, there is no space for new parties under FPTP.

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Donald Trump unleashed a fascistic diatribe against socialism. don’t love America, tell em to leave it,” he said. Trump.

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 · To be fair, Democrats of all factions and ideologies were united this week in telling former FBI director James Comey – a lifelong Republican, at.

Q&A An Icon of the Left Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist The economist Joseph Stiglitz still mistrusts markets. But he’s worried "democratic socialism" will cost the Dems the 2020 election.

If they don’t love it, tell them to. Depicting the 2020 Democrats as a hapless and left-wing lot, Mr. Trump delivered what may have been his core pitch: “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America.

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