Access to Cheap Money Has a Racial Gap

Confronting the Racial Pay Gap. By Sam Fulwood III Posted on March 9, 2016, 10:50 am. The Intel Corporation is about to do something so radical and unconventional in the realm of American business.

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The Racial Wealth Audit TM is a new framework that evaluates the impact of public policy on the wealth gap between white households and households of color. The audit helps us to understand how far policies that equalize outcomes in areas such as housing, education, and labor markets could go toward reducing the gap.

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This chapter reviews the reasons for this stubborn race gap, focusing in particular on data showing the extent, causes, and impact of housing segregation and health inequity.

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Developing Better Policy Using the Racial Wealth Audit Constituents, advocates, researchers, and policymakers have access to better information about public policy decisions through The Racial Wealth Audit. It is the first research and measurement tool to bring racial and ethnic wealth analyses to the forefront of policy discussions.

The racial wealth gap between black and white families, which ballooned by more than 50% between 1992 and 2016, could cost the U.S. economy at least $1 trillion over the next decade, a study.

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The typical black family in America has one-tenth the wealth of the typical white family-and that gap has been widening since 2004. Closing the racial wealth gap would add $1.5 trillion to the.

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The average income for White families and households is greater than the average income for those of Blacks and Hispanics. Racial income disparities have remained unchanged over time. Although the racial income gap is wide, the racial wealth gap is even wider. White families are generally wealthier than Black or Latino families.

such as check cashing, loan acquisition, bill payment, and access to basic checking and/or savings accounts are either non-existent or come at an exorbitant price. The 91% of ECON members believe job creation and better job quality are important for closing the racial wealth gap. 94% of ECON members believe access to credit is important for