Ferreck Dawn With A Tech House Number In ‘Saga’

Dutch DJ/producer Ferreck Dawn returns with a solid techno exercise, teaming up with Danish artist AXRG for the blazing track ‘Saga’. Ferreck Dawn has certainly left his mark recently. The Dutch DJ/producer created a clear vision for himself, presenting a deep, tech house sound, getting more exciting with every release. The result was an impressive tour past several major summer festivals last year, including a mesmerizing gig at Tomorrowland.

AXRG has been active as a DJ since 2009 and played festivals as well as clubs for over seven years. As a producer AXRG is yet to find his spot on the international scene, but with strong releases coming along in 2016 and 2017 he hopes to put his mark on the house-scene contributing with a new and fresh sound.

“Before a show in Denmark I hung out with Alex / AXRG and he played me some music. He played me a idea of the Saga track and I really liked it. We decided to finish it together. Very happy with the endresult, it turned out the be quite a banger.” – Ferreck Dawn

“The idea of the track was to create something with a new sound. Something that doesn’t sound like everything else. After creating the idea of the track I teamed up with Ferreck Dawn and we finished it. We are very happy with the outcome and really think that it fits the sound of the moment.” – AXRG